• Want to feel like a Princess? Here are a few tips!

    Within the diamond industry, the modern gem is said to have been formed after a couple of years of diamond experts researching the particular thing that might be missing in the diamond market. The experts also wanted to give more satisfaction to every woman out there. The result? A perfect square diamond that usually has approximately 59 facets. The unique cut is designed to provide the unique cut with an incomparable sparkle, and this gives women and men a run for their money within this industry.


    Without a doubt, the one thing that makes the princess cut diamond so popular and beautiful is the time that is spent perfecting the gem’s grinding corners. The majority of reports show that a lot of hours are spent trying to complete the unique masterpiece, and it has led to the fame of the new Princess cut.


    The 59 facets present in the diamond are strategically positioned in an almost similar manner as the one on the brilliant-cut. From the information, it is also safe to state that the princess cut diamond usually has a close similarity in glimmering with the very brilliant round diamond cut.


    Finally, the strange and delightful occurrence of the newly shaped princess cut diamonds is the talk of the town. Reason being? The diamond generally gives out a fresh yet stylish look while still working to maintain the diamond’s brilliant shine. The shape of the princess cut diamond is usually shaped like a square.


    Therefore, the diamond cutters typically get away with polishing the gem since it has lesser material to clean up. The activity helps the cutters achieve the perfect and optimal diamond cut.


    The diamond only loses about 20% of the rough stuff that is taken from the earth’s deepest cut, and it subsequently makes the ideal princess cut diamond shape.

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